Werner Catsman, President


Born and raised in San Miguel County, Werner’s first summer job at age 15 was installing the utility infrastructure in the Mountain Village before a single house had been built. Graduating from Telluride High School, Werner attended Brown University and received his BA in History.

He continued to deploy his equipment operating and utility experience during summer vacations and by his junior year at Brown broadened his construction background and went to work as a carpenter during winter and summer breaks.

After receiving his degree he returned to Telluride where he continued to pound nails, stack logs and guide fly fishing. As one of Telluride’s premier anglers, he joined the Scott Fly Rod Company in 1995 and began a long career managing one of the fly fishing industries premier brands.

As Operations Manager and General Manager, his experience running Scott’s production has given him insight into lean manufacturing techniques, supply chain management, sourcing and scheduling that he has applied to construction management and general contracting. The net result is that Finbro’s projects are managed with the type of strategic planning and foresight that manufacturing demands.

PHONE: (970) 728-5038, FAX: (970) 728-8780